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Celia Gerard: Portfolio

by Richard Whittaker, Jan 8, 2009



 It was through contributing editor Jane Rosen that the work of Celia Gerard came to my attention. Gerard’s abstract, geometrical works immediately struck a chord with me in a way that remains mysterious. If asked to describe what that is, I can only fall back on the word poetic, a quality with no fixed rules. The sculpture of David Nash comes to mind as having this elusive quality, or the work of Martin Puryear. Somehow, one’s feeling is engaged. It’s interesting that it’s the work of two sculptors that comes to mind first.

     What Jane Rosen has to say about Gerard’s work might shed some light here: Trained in figuration with a bent towards minimalism and eccentric spirituality, the work navigates spacial relationships which generate an emotional stance. Fragments and places that occupy the various pieces are a stand in for the energies of the body and the presence of landscape without depicting them in a literal way. Much as fractals and crystals offer a fragmented view of the parts that they reflect, one can only glimpse pieces of a puzzle while sensing the whole in a playful and mysterious way. --rw

     Gerard’s work is carried by Sears Peyton Gallery in New York City.



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Richard Whittaker is the founder of works & conversations magazine.


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