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Marcia Binnendyk: Drawings

by Marcia Binnendyk, Feb 1, 2001



A small portfolio of Binnendyk's drawings appeared in works & conversations #4 (Feb. 2001).

I found these drawings not only highly original in themselves, but uncannily reflective of the self in contemporary life. Of the drawings Binnendyk writes, "These are from my journals. I do them usually while on the phone, or late at night when I'm at the end of the day and relaxing. The drawings are always done for relaxation, and never consciously attempting to draw anything in particular. Currently living in LA, until recently spending my working days inside an office cubicle doing web design, I have to tell myself that my whole LA experience seems equivalent to the Native American ritual of being wrapped up in a blanket and voluntarily engaging in sensory and nutritional deprivation—praying for some clear sight."
     Coming back to these drawings sixteen years later, they seem an even stronger expression of life today lived in the mental spaces formed from the digital imagery flooding us. In this mental world dissociated from relationship with our bodies and the world of actual nature, we dream on unaware of the deprivation Binnendyk alludes to. 
—Richard Whittaker
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About the Author

Richard Whittaker is the founding editor of works & conversations and West Coast editor of Parabola magazine.       


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