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by Richard Whittaker, Apr 2, 2006



There are many “explanations” of which this photo is an exact visual representation. Perhaps accidentally the image makes many strange facts clear in a single stroke. And one can speculate freely, too—very freely!—with such an image serving as one’s guide. I can’t help thinking of String Theory, for instance. Is this its visual model? Do we have before us a small model of “The Mind of God” as pop-cosmological rhetoric has it!? Has the matrix of the eleven mysterious dimensions of the tiny, fundamental strings been rendered here in a way one can almost grasp!?

Such questions preoccupied the editors back in the days of The Secret Alameda before the reformation, before the days of works & conversations.  [The photo above appeared in 1992 on the cover of issue #4 of TSA]. Not many people had heard of us then, and we still need your help. We’re not really self-sustaining even though we make a little go a long way. We thank those of you who have contributed in the past. Your support is truly appreciated. As always, 100% of your contribution will be used for the continuing production of the magazine. I’m even reducing my salary from zero to Zero, that is, in terms of dollars. In terms of non-material compensation, I have to admit that I’m not willing to pledge any such reduction.—rw 

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The Secret Alameda preceeded works & conversations


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