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So much in life is invisible once you think about it. Take generosity. We unearth an old Berkeley kerfuffle. Fredric Fierstein gave the city a magnificent work of art, "The Guardian." But they hadn't asked for it. They said, get rid of it. The people voted, keep it! And it's still there giving out its special vibe. And what about teaching? Cherri Farrell taught home-ec. Her stories may bring tears to your eyes; they also show the hidden dimensions of real teaching. Plus Lisa Kokin talks about her art and life. Jon Gariepy makes cool boats, and more. Editor's Introduction


Issue# 21               October 2010


Table of Contents

Bicycling to Mongolia
Frederic Fierstein and Guardian

J. Kathleen White
21 Day Hikes in the Umbra
Region of the Vespertine

Conversation: Lisa Kokin
Reflections and Reconfigurations

Art of Living
Conversation: Cherri Farrell
Kitchen Teachings

Conversation: Joe Peace
Peace-Chain Reaction

Guide, Part 6
Enrique Martíz Celaya

A Context for Art, Sam Bower

Indigo Animal
Rue Harrison


Reader's Forum
Ginger Mayerson
Florence Lewis
Tom Deacon

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"To be an artist is not a matter of making paintings or objects at all. What we are really dealing with is our state of consciousness and the shape of our perception... The act of art is a tool for extended consciousness." --Robert Irwin



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