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September 11, 2007

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Richard Whittaker

Welcome to the first issue of our newsletter. While it's the beginning of something new, our newsletter takes its place in the context of a hopeful undertaking begun sixteen years ago and which evolved into the magazine works & conversations. But there's a second perspective. Just as easily our story might begin: eight years ago a young man working for Sun Microsystems set out to discover if there wasn.t a more satisfying goal in life than making money. [more]

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Ehren Tool, A Marine's Journey

Ehren Tool, A Marine's Journey

It was raining outside, and the sound of the rain on the metal roof of Bulwinkle's large Quonset hut in West Oakland made a pleasant drumming sound as we poked around on a leisurely tour of the studio. Mark was enjoying reminiscing, stopping here and there to tell stories sparked by one or another objet d'art, objet trouvé, objet d'heavy machinery or objet d'scrap as we were passing by.

A Conversation with Fiber Artist Lucy Traber

A Conversation with Fiber Artist Lucy Traber

Lucy Traber: One thing is that we've become such a high-tech world, so computerized. I really need to keep in touch with the earth and its products. This is always a renewal. It's a good balance. It's centering, nurturing. Well, kelp, for instance, there's no straight line in these sculptures. They're irregular. They're organic. They're unpredictable. I never know exactly the way it's going to turn out. It's not cut and measured; it's a happening. And yes, I have learned how to run a computer, but it's not a great experience compared to working with these materials.