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June 2, 2009

Editor of the Month

Richard Whittaker

It's taken longer getting issue #11 finished than we'd like, but I think you'll find it worth the wait. Nowhere will you find another little collection quite like it. And if you do, please let me know. I'd like to read it myself. [more]

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Paolo Soleri: Architecture As Salvation

Paolo Soleri: Architecture As Salvation

'Well the aesthetic is what you would hope to achieve, but before that comes the function -- function, not just in terms of details, but in terms of the totality of the system. And since we are very numerous -- moving towards ten billions of people, and because we are consumers by definition.unless we choose the right pathway we are going to fail. The pathway is suggested by the nature of life.come together, don.t dissipate. Come together. Culture has been developed by this coming together. Tribal culture is a very minimal culture.'

Audrey Lin: Alive in the World

Audrey Lin: Alive in the World

'So as I walked, I was getting into more and more black neighborhoods and I wondered, what would this be like if I was a black person? How would people look at me? How would this be different if I was a white person? It must be kind of funny to see this Asian American woman who looks like she's fourteen with a big backpack walking through these areas. What's interesting is that when I was walking through the Fruitvale area and further down East 14th Street, which is a pretty bad area, I noticed that people really didn't notice me. I wondered if this is what homeless people feel in a nice area.'