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October 7, 2009

Editor of the Month

Richard Whittaker

Surprising encounters sometimes come quietly, no trumpets, sometimes so quietly that it takes a while before they unfold into one's awareness. Sometimes it's only after years your eyes are opened and you realize how shallow your earlier knowledge was. [more]

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Bridges to Cross: Interview with Michael Grbich

Bridges to Cross: Interview with Michael Grbich

'As long as you have one foot on the platform and one foot on the wire, you're not doing anything. You have to put the other foot out there. Then you're really on the wire. That's the metaphor of life. That's why I tap dance across bridges. You've got to take the risks. You've got to face your fears unhesitatingly.'

Magic Flute: Interview with Marvin Sanders

Magic Flute: Interview with Marvin Sanders

'I think we, as human beings, are intrinsically musical. I mean some people almost brag, 'I can't sing two notes.' I wonder about that. I think we are innately musical. It's almost as though music came with us. I would like to think it's one of our best, our highest, faculties, insofar as it sort of embraces all of life and every one. A woman once said to me in San Francisco, 'You really grace the streets.' That meant something. It made my night. I remember an alcoholic one night. I was playing over in Union Square. This guy, a well-dressed guy, but he had been drinking, came up. He stayed there and people would walk by. After awhile you'd be walking by and he'd [reaches out to grab me by the arm] 'Stop, stop. Listen to this! Isn't this just great?.''