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October 4, 2010

From the Editor

Richard Whittaker

In my interview with James O'Dea, I had to stop a couple of times to struggle with my emotions before I could continue speaking. After all the years of doing interviews, it was only the first or second phone interview I'd done. [more]

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Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Restorative Justice

Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Restorative Justice

A conversation with James O'dea: 'The energy of the universe comes at us, comes at us and we filter it. We create a meaning process around it. If our meaning process around it pushes it aside, we should say that the physics of energy start to apply. That energy does not go away. It needs to be transformed. So it shows up in your blood pressure, your heart. I say in the book, that we have both the personal and collective. There.s a lot of blocked energy, collectively. It must be transformed if we are to evolve. We could say that when the primary energy of the universe meets consciousness, and when consciousness transmutes it, you have the evolutionary process.'

Community Gardens, Reclaiming a Commons

Community Gardens, Reclaiming a Commons

A conversation with Karl Linn: 'I'm a descendent of many, many, generations of rabbis. My father trained to be a rabbi; his father was a rabbi. My father never practiced, but it's in my blood somehow. Some people think of me as a green rabbi, because I use plants always as a symbolic and ceremonial context. Anyhow this gets to these connections. And from Germany -- I had to escape the Nazis -- we went to Palestine, and again we had a farm there ... But my whole experience with the Nazis and with the tension between Arabs and Jews made me more curious about human nature.'