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July 10, 2008

Editor of the Month

Richard Whittaker

Issue #7 marks another first for us. Included in our newsletter is a podcast from the New School at Commonweal, which Michael Lerner describes as a collaborative learning project exploring ecology, culture and consciousness. [more]

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Conversation With Vancouver's City Farmers

Conversation With Vancouver's City Farmers

Bob Woodsworth: 'How do you shift a society to something that is more humanized, and I sort of see this urban agriculture as part of a possible solution or movement out of this urban mess in. It's very slow, and a long ways away from that. But you could mentally conceive, architecturally, of a different way of living.'

Photojournalist Denise Zabalaga

Photojournalist Denise Zabalaga

On walking in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, Damascus and also in Harlem and the Bronx: 'There is no separation from the other because I am the other. So I wouldn't feel threatened, or afraid. I would sometimes be surprised with people reacting to me, because, of course they would see that there was something different. But I didn't feel myself different.'