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December 2, 2008

Editor of the Month

Richard Whittaker

As Lewis Hyde says, art is a gift. To appreciate that, some qualifications have to be made. After all, an entire industry is devoted to art handled as a commodity. A lot of money changes hands at the top of that particular mountain. [more]

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Jim Barton: A Certain Mathematics

Jim Barton: A Certain Mathematics

'For me, to come to the point where I can work with this imagery with some intelligence and clarity, it.s about actually clarifying the muddy waters in myself. In the beginning I needed a Quan Yin. I needed that hard form. But now I look and I see deity in a much larger sense.'

Richard Shaw Interview: Magic Tricks

Richard Shaw Interview: Magic Tricks

'I guess I'm looking for mystery, something you don't understand fully. But if I was to narrow it down to maybe the objects I like in art history, they seem to be of a smaller scale. A few days ago I saw a portrait that somebody had done. It wasn't photo-realism, but he brought this person to life!'