Meeting Gojira - A Conversation with Craig Nagasawa Before painter and UCBerkeley professor, Craig Nagasawa, became an artist, he was racing on the professional ski circuit. Here he shares his reflections about his Japanese roots and the meaning of the recent appearance of Gojira (Godzilla) in several of his remarkable paintings. An impeccable art
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Richard Kamler - The Table of Voices Richard Kamler was drawn to art’s potential to touch people deeply and bring about real change. In this interview, he talks about the evolution of his work with prisoners. “During that first year, I began to change - dramatically. I began to see art as something that really could reveal inner
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On Hopelessness and Hope – A Conversation with Michael Penn Around the age of 22, a near death experience transformed Michael Penn into a seeker. He began a study of sacred texts and the founders of the world’s religions. Today, he's a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College. It's a story through uncharted
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Index - Interviews and other features Of the 700-some features on the website, more than 200 are in-depth interviews. Here are links to all the interviews and additional content..
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Art of Engagement

Monday, Sep 12, 2011

Why are the arts so often considered frills when it comes to what is needed in schools, in politics, in so many parts of life? The capacity for creative response is needed in all walks of life. In this issue we explore art as a tool for social engagement. Read More

Sharing the Wealth

Friday, June 27, 2011

It's been my good fortune to have more than my share of remarkable friends, and several of them appear in this issue of the newsletter. One of the joys of having a venue like this newsletter is that its a vehicle for expanding my own circle. Read More

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