Interviewsand Articles, Giftivism & Generosity: Interview with Sam Bower & Anne Veh

by Nipun Mehta, Mar 4, 2011



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Since 2001, has been helping people create, present and appreciate art that heals our relationship with the natural world.*  This online museum offers a wealth of information about artists who are doing exciting and innovative work that directly speaks to the environmental issues of our time. In this podcast, Arts & Healing Network Director Mary Daniel Hobson interviews Sam & Anne, core team members of about the environmental art movement, giftivism, generosity and advice for artists wanting to engage the natural world. Recently, has begun pioneering a new approach to sustainability as an organization by adopting a gift economy model, and so their entire organization is now run by volunteers.

*2018 - sadly, is no longer in operation

About the Author

Nipun Mehta, founder of, is a visionary and social entrepreneur, the player of many roles as the call appears from serving as a maitre 'd at Karma Kitchen to keynoting at conferences.


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