Interview with John Mason: No Simple Answers Two or three years had passed since my last visit to Los Angeles, and as I neared the LA basin, I felt the stirring of memories. Many were connected with years I spent in Claremont, California. There was even a faint echo of John Mason in there. Sometime in 1964, thanks to a girlfriend at Scripps, I had my first experience of putting hands to clay. That moment had the same magic for me as for so many others. Claremont was full of potters in those days. The mystique of clay and its transformation by fire was one of the several enchantments of that place and time. My initiation with clay ... Sep 18, 2011, 24669 reads


A Conversation with Haricharan Das: In the Company of Saints Haricharan Das, Berkeley CA 11/20/09 Meeting Haricharan Das was one of those happy improbabilities you could never have made up. My wife had been reminding me for months that the paint on our house was peeling off and that if I didn't get on the ball and deal with it, we'd regret it. So finally I got online and looked at the Berkeley Parents' Network, a great resource for recommendations. I called a painter with rave reviews and a few days later, my doorbell rang. A tall man with a shaved head and olive complexion stood there smiling. He was ready to take a look and give me ... Jul 27, 2010, 24151 reads


Art and Healing: A Conversation with Katherine Sherwood Katherine Sherwood has been on the art faculty at the University of California at Berkeley for many years. Hers is a remarkable story. Having first studied art history, Sherwood found her way into a studio practice and became a painter. Her work was being noticed in the Bay Area when she suffered a serious cerebral hemorrhage paralyzing her right side. Impatient with the slowness of rehabilitation therapy, she decided to go back into the studio and try to paint, having to use her left hand. The return to painting turned out to be the most healing therapy she could have imagined. She was ... Mar 27, 2002, 23705 reads


Peter Selz: A Life in Art: Berkeley, California The interview that appears below took place in two separate sessions. I  met Peter Selz at his house in the hills of north Berkeley. Before we sat down to talk I asked him if I could take a little time to look at the striking collection of art adorning every wall and tabletop in sight. He was happy to indulge me.      Selz, in his mid-eighties does not have the endless reserves of energy he must have had up until only a few years ago, although the amount of work he continues to do is amazing, with several projects always going at once. His ... Jul 11, 2008, 23536 reads


For the Love of Bees—A Conversation with Meredith May: I heard about Meredith May from the founders of UC Davis’ Art and Science Fusion program, artist Donna Billick and entomologist Diane Ullman. As part of their program they've created a honeybee haven and forage garden.      “A reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle was up here," Donna told me, "Meredith May. She has two beehives on top of the SF Chronicle building.”      A few days later, I was at UC Davis interviewing Billick and Ullman. What they're doing at UC Davis is inspiring on several levels. And what ... Aug 24, 2013, 23315 reads


Threshold Choir: An Interview with Kate Munger: February 27, 2010 Inverness, California As I drove up to Inverness on a Saturday morning a light rain fell intermittently and as I neared town, the clouds began to break up a little. Turning off Sir Francis Drake soon I was on Vision Road. Following my jotted notes, the roads became smaller and then the pavement ended. I faced a steep dirt road and wondered if the car could manage it in the rain. And where was I? The car did climb the road and it wasn't long before I was walking up a driveway hidden among the moss-covered trees.       I first heard about Kate Munger and the Threshold Choir from artist ... Apr 17, 2010, 23295 reads


Interview: David Parker: The Phenomenal World   I first saw David Parker’s astonishing photographs at the Robert Koch Gallery in San Francisco. Their power, beauty and mystery were palpable, and I wondered how I might meet the photographer. I was told he lived in England, but that in a year would be in San Francisco for an exhibit of his work. My efforts to contact him in advance of his exhibit at Koch were unsuccessful, but I showed up at the opening where I was fortunate enough to succeed in arranging an interview. Parker’s schedule was tight and we talked in a back room at the Robert Koch Gallery amid various ... Nov 2, 2004, 22813 reads


John Toki and Some Reflections on Cultural Service: Richard Whittaker “Why don’t you come to our symposium?” John Toki asked one day when I had dropped in at Leslie Ceramics, a business he owns and manages in West Berkeley. “You can have a table for the magazine.” He was talking about an event at the California College of Art where Toki teaches in the Ceramics Department. The invitation was typical of John’s generosity. Toki and others had arranged a day of slide presentations and hands-on demonstrations by Robert Brady, Lauren Ari, Doug Casebeer and Tony Natsoulas. Leslie Ceramics, it happens, celebrates its sixtieth ... Apr 2, 2006, 22584 reads


The Journey of Awakening: Conversation with Mark Nepo Dec 10 2011    Mark Nepo is a New York Times bestselling author, poet and his latest book The Book of Awakenings is currently #12 on the New York Times Bestsellers list. In 2010 Oprah Winfrey featured The Book of Awakenings on her Ultimate Favorite Things show. His latest book is called As Far As The Heart Can See, and his upcoming book, which will be released in 2012 by Simon and Schuster is called Seven Thousand Ways to Listen.  On this show, we're going to explore the tag line for The Book of ... Dec 19, 2011, 22515 reads


Interview: James Doolin: Journey I arrived to meet Los Angeles painter James Doolin on one of those mythic, mid-winter days southern California is famous for, sunny and warm. Doolin was in good spirits, as was I, having been looking forward to our conversation. I’d first seen his work at the San Jose Museum of Art, large paintings of Los Angeles freeways. They were displayed along with paintings by Chester Arnold. Their two-man show was one of the best I’d seen. I’d written a note to Doolin afterwards and he phoned in response. We'd hit it off in a rare good way. By the time of this interview, ... Feb 2, 2002, 22198 reads


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A Man Impossible to Classify One of my first experiences in San Francisco was of being flagged down by a ... Read More 712768 views

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