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Excerpts from the Trust and Distrust Series: Katina Huston

by Katina Huston, Jan 8, 2001



1996, 10"X10",
They say, "She said no, but she meant yes." I am more likely to say "yes" when I mean "no." This series, "The Evolution of Trust and Distrust" began as I reached for a new set of sheets. When I pulled my hand back I held a sheet my mother would have chosen. Recognizing this, I put it back and reached for a sheet my mother would hate. I began to question my motives.

1996, 10"X10"
Each panel shows a way people learn to misrepresent themselves or hide their meaning. In this series, "yes" and "no" represent opposing voices pressing against each other, struggling for control. They mimic how people learn to say whatever they must, to be agreeable or to avoid punishment or embarrassment. The struggle is over power and opinion separate from what is right and wrong. —KH

About the Author

 Katina Huston is an artist living in the Bay Area 


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