Koan: A Conversation with Vaea Marx Hamada, Yanagi, Kawai Kanjiro; I studied with Kawai Kanjiro. I knew all those people. In fact, I even met the filmmaker, Kurosawa, before he was known here. I traveled all over in Japan with Kawai. Bernard Leach came over; I met him there, too.
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Interview: Wavy Gravy—Saint Misbehavin' Of course I was aware of Wavy Gravy as a cultural icon, but I really knew very little about him. Michelle Esrick’s loving documentary, Saint Misbehavin’—ten years in the making—is a revelation. The word “saint” makes a lot of sense when you know more about this remarkable man. Read our
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Carlo Ferretti's Cove "In the end, I was able to obtain almost everything I strive for: respect for the site and the materials, simplicity, strength, dignity, anonymity, the primitive, the commonplace, the vernacular, the obvious, the unnoticeable, the apparently useful, the unfashionable and, most of all, the creation
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A Radical Act: Fredric Fierstein I was bicycling past the Berkeley marina one day, when I was surprised to see piece of public art unlike any I’d ever seen, a warrior-archer astride a mythical beast that looked something like a oversized Chinese foo-dog. At its foot was a bronze plaque with the sculptor’s name. I googled it
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Art of Engagement

Monday, Sep 12, 2011

Why are the arts so often considered frills when it comes to what is needed in schools, in politics, in so many parts of life? The capacity for creative response is needed in all walks of life. In this issue we explore art as a tool for social engagement. Read More

Sharing the Wealth

Friday, June 27, 2011

It's been my good fortune to have more than my share of remarkable friends, and several of them appear in this issue of the newsletter. One of the joys of having a venue like this newsletter is that its a vehicle for expanding my own circle. Read More

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